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 Thalia's Card.....

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مُساهمةموضوع: Thalia's Card.....   الأربعاء مايو 28, 2008 1:08 pm

Complete name: Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda

Origin and meaning of her name:

from Latin Ariadna, and this is from Old Greek Αριάδνη (Ariádnē), the daughter of Crete's king Minos in Greek Mythology.
Thalia: pronounced [tah-LEE-ah], from Latin Thalia, and this is from Old Greek Θάλεια (Thaleia), the muse of theater and comedy.
Sodi: Thalia's surname of probably Italian origin.
Miranda: from Latin mirandus, -da, female gerundive (passive future participle) for mirari, "to wonder". It means "wonderful".

Nickname: Thali (childhood nick: "Yuya")

Place and date of birth: Mexico City (Mexico), August 26th

Place of residence: New York, USA

Zodiac: Virgo

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Profession: Actress, singer, songwriter, designer, businesswoman

Career: Sings professionally since the age of 9, played in TV-series since she was 15 (had the first leading role at the age of 17), first solo album called Thalia was launched in 1990.

Marital status: married, her husband is Thomas Daniel Mottola, former president of Sony Music, their wedding ceremony was at New York St. Patrick Cathedral on December 2nd, 2000.

Her favorite...

—actor: Pedro Infante
—actress: Marilyn Monroe
—singer or group: The Doors, Queen, George Michael, Billie Holiday, and many others.
—meals: Mexican and Japanese kitchen and pizza
—drink: natural water and tequila
—holiday: Christmas
—word: Libertad (Freedom)
—colors: black, white and orange
—flower: daisy, tulip and rose
—animals: dogs, cats and horses
—subjects at primary school: biology
—hobbies: reading, rock-climbing, running, swimming, (water-)skiing
—wear: jeans and T-shirt
—sleepwear: boxers and T-shirt

What she considers her most sensual point of her body: her navel.

What she likes the best on her own: her eyes.

If she were not a star: she would be a biologist or a chemist.

The craziest thing she did for love: she married.

3 thing she would take with herself to a desert island: a guitar, the Bible and her sunglasses.

Virtues: She is sincere, very human, adores her fans and tries to laugh at everything, also at bad things.

Defects: She is very impatient when working. She hates waiting.

About the rumors: She likes the legends that people guess out about her personality but always deffends her family.


—She has never smoked and hates it.
—She has never tried any drug.
—She is said to bear much tequila.
—To keep her excellent figure and beauty she drinks a lot of water, dances a lot, walks and run much and practices yoga.

What does a star do when not working? Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping.

How does she spend her "hard days"? All day in bed eating pizza.

What is never missing from her handbag: her hand computer, cell phone, a lip hydrator, some tablets for migraine and a perfume.


1990 Thalia
1991 Mundo de Cristal
1992 Love
1995 En extasis
1997 Nandito Ako (Philippines only)
Amor a la Mexicana
Anastasia Soundtrack (collaboration in Latin version)
2000 Arrasando
2001 Thalia con banda, Grandes exitos
2002 Thalia (2002)
2003 Thalia's Hits Remixed
Thalía (English)
2004 Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits Videos (DVD)
2005 El Sexto Sentido (The Sixth Sense)
2006 El Sexto Sentido "Re-loaded" (special release in Mexico)


1987 La Pobre Senorita Limantour
1988 Quinceanera (1987-1988 1989 Luz y Sombra
1992 Maria Mercedes
1994 Marimar
1996 Maria la del Barrio (1995-96)
1998 Mambo Cafee (commedy)
1999 Rosalinda
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Thalia's Card.....
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