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 Thalia's Secrets

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تاريخ التسجيل : 10/03/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: Thalia's Secrets   الثلاثاء مارس 11, 2008 10:09 am

1.What makes you smile?
Everything! I laugh constantly! I laugh at my mistakes and I laugh at my successes. Smiling and laughing are recipes for eternal youthfulness.

2.When are you going to make another soap opera?
At this moment I am not thinking of making any soap operas. I am focusing on my music, and also reading some movie scripts. For the time being, soap operas will have to wait.

3.If you were to capture a moment of your life in a photograph, which one would it be?
My birth. I practically have had all my life captured in photographs. I have family pictures, paparazzi shots and professional shots, but none of the moment when I was born!

4.What challenges do you think you still need to conquer? I want to keep evolving as a singer and actress, grow as a business woman, designer and producer, start a family, and most of all, what I consider my biggest challenge, remain happy everyday of my life.

5.Which song, from your album "Thalia" (2002), is your favorite? "Y seguir", since it talks about the strength to move forward without thinking about how difficult the road is or how far the exit is.

6.When are you going to make a Hollywood movie? I am waiting for the adequate role for me. I have read many scripts, and I have rejected some projects because they required nudity. Sincerely, I do not need to strip to play a good role in Hollywood. I will surprise you when you least expect it!

7.What motivates you? I get motivated by thinking that everyday is an opportunity to start my life from scratch, by becoming a new person, by doing everything I have not been brave enough to do, and by living life to the fullest!

8.You used to wear a green bracelet. Now, you wear a red one. Do they have any special significance to you? A fan in Argentina gave the green bracelet to me. The red bracelet I wear nowadays symbolizes protection. It comes from the Kabbalah, the study of the Old Testament?a Rabbi put in on my wrist while saying a prayer filled with love. I truly believe that the only protection is the one coming from God.

9.In which cities or countries would you like to live at least once in your life? There are three places:
i. Paris is the first one on my list because of its beauty, its culture and its nightlife.
ii. Bora-Bora is my second choice because of its beautiful beaches, its people and the peace one breathes there daily.
iii. New York is my third choice because of its energy and its entertaining environment, and for being the headquarters for fashion, culture and economy. In New York one can find a great mix of people and things from around the World!

10.Of all the songs you have authored, which one is your favorite? There are four: "Flor de Juventud", "Sangre", "Arrasando" and "Cerca de T?

11.What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in life? To have found love and peace, singing music I enjoy, being able to express what I feel, and being true to myself.

12.How do you maintain your inner peace and spiritual self? One looks for inner peace, it does not come by itself. It needs to be fed by moments of meditation, laughter, good deeds, giving without expecting anything back, and positive thoughts about your loved ones. Inner peace is about searching and finding yourself. Do you have the courage to understand and get to know yourself better?

13.How many children do you want to have? When the time comes, I would like to have three.

14.Are you going to design clothes for men? Yes, we are currently planning a collection for next year. Now you know guys,
when the collection launches "Thalia" will be closer to you than ever before!

15.Do you visit the websites created by your fans? Of course! I am fascinated by the fans? creativity and enthusiasm, and by the love they put into the websites they build. I read everything they write and express, and I feel very much loved by them. Thank you all for expanding this great Thaly-family!

16.How do you take care of your voice? I take singing classes regularly, gargle to humidify my vocal chords, and drink liters and liters of water every day.

17.Where and how do you get inspired to write songs? In the most unexpected places! "Sangre" was born in the shower. I wrote "Flor de Juventud" on a small bag while traveling, in a plane. "Arrasando" came to me while eating at a Cuban restaurant. One day I woke up at 3AM, got out of bed and wrote "Reencarnaci? When you least expect it, you find your inspiration!

18.Of all your achievements, which one makes you feel most proud of yourself? There are many?if I mention all of them, I will need a whole new segment! For example, I am very proud of the "Maria" trilogy of soap operas ("Maria Mercedes", "Marimar" and "Maria la del Barrio") and the song "Piel Morena". I also feel proud of nurturing, throughout the years, the support and love I have received from my fans and winning the hearts of fans in countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, Greece, Turkey and all Latin territories.

19.When you write, what comes first, the music or the lyrics? It depends! Sometimes the music comes first. But, usually, I compose music and lyrics simultaneously.

20.If you could ask for three wishes, what would they be?
An end to all wars, homes for families in need, and dignified, well-paid work for everyone.

21.Do you collect something?
I collect stuffed animals (bears), Barbies (I have about 500 of them!), and books (I love to read).

22.Besides yoga, do you do other exercises or practice any sports? I have been practicing "Shivananda" yoga for almost six years. I also enjoy rock-climbing, water and snow skiing, lifting weights, bicycling, walking and running. I do all of this whenever I find some free time, and I am not exhausted from working so much!

23.What is your favorite kind of movie: terror, action, drama or romance? I like drama and romance. I am such a drama-queen!!!

24.When acting, do you prefer to be the heroine or the villain? A heroine with multiple personalities- with such a character an actress is able to face many different acting challenges and ground.

25.What is the name of your new Chihuahua? His name is Black-Jack, but we call him Blackie. He is my eighth dog. I have four Maltese dogs, Cochinada (Cochi) and Cuquita (Cuqui) and their two puppies, Rambo and Max, a Jack Russell Terrier named Sof? two Chihuahuas, Rata and Black-Jack, and a Collie named Zuky (sadly, Zuky just passed away).

26.Of all the soap operas you have made, which one is your favorite? "Marimar"- auuu!! coste? soy - because I really identified with my character. I also like "Mar?la del Barrio" because of the character?s audacity and authenticity.

27.When acting in soap operas, which are the three scenes that you have enjoyed the most? The scenes where I had to fight and take women by the hair, or when I threw buckets of cold water at someone, or when I played pranks on my leading men! Those were my favorites because they allowed me to do things I wouldn?t dare to do in real life.

28.Which three words would you use to describe yourself? Joyful, Happy and Spontaneous!

29.Morning, afternoon or night? Night!

30.Sunny day or rainy day? I love rain- it is romantic and melancholic. But, I also enjoy sunny days, since they are perfect for going out with my friends on a picnic and having a great time outdoors.

31.Beach or mountains? The beach is super-sexy and relaxing, but since I like practicing outdoor sports such as rock-climbing and bicycling, I enjoy both.

32.Favorite song? "Everything I do, I do it for you" by Bryan Adams

33.Favorite movie? "Gone with the wind" and "The Red Violin"

34.Opera or theater? I love Opera, but, as an actress, I really enjoy watching the work of my colleagues when they do theater. So, I prefer theater.

35.Favorite book? The Bible, because in it I can find the past, present and future of humanity.

36.Favorite singers/groups? I am totally eclectic! I like The Doors, Journey, Aerosmith, Billy Holiday, George Michael, Elton John, Madonna, Norah Jones, Prince, Bach, Bethoven and more!

37.Favorite album? "Purple Rain" - Prince
"Ladies and Gentlemen ? The best of George Michael" ? George Michael

38.Favorite album covers? "Thalia" ("Tu y Yo"), "Thalia" ("I Want You") and "Love", since it is the only one without my picture on the cover!

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